Suite Precure...damn it!...i like it...
Suite Precure Analysis...Dammit I like it!!
Dammit! I like it! I really wasn't expecting that because I can't relate to either of the girls...:(
Here's the summary. There are 2 girls, Hibiki and Kanade.
Hibiki is the loud, energetic, sporty girl -but she doesn't fit the usual stereo-type because she has long hair and...pretty bows in her hair??
Kanade is the polite, studious one who has baking skills.
Neither girl is clumsy, ditzy, or prone to being late like the typical magical girl leader, so it's safe to say that these girls won't be running to school late or getting hit in the head with any volleyballs. *sigh*
The good:
*The mascot this time is a KITTY named Hummy instead of a generic fairy creature and she's kind of dumb, but adorable!
*There is a villain mascot as well - Siren - who can transform into a human. Very excited about this one and hoping for merchandise...
*The transformations are VERY Sailor Moon and pretty
*Kanade and Hibiki don't become Cures in the usual cheesy over-the-top way. It fits.

The bad:
*The main villain is a humorous clown character who I find very annoying. He has singing minions because this season has a music theme. Also annoying.
*The Cure costumes have waay too much ruffles...and another blonde Cure? *sigh* bland

Here are screenshots to illustrate said points...
They are the ones named Sailor...Cure?

Mahou Shoujo Madoka : A new kind of magical girl anime
Genre: Mahou Shoujo, Supernatural

Madoka looks like every other magical girl show at first glance, and I didn't have high hopes for this one, but it's different and it's definitely not for kids...
The art style of the girls is a lot less cutesy and clean -Madoka is actually kind of uneven looking. Fortunately, the mascot fox-thing Kuybei more than makes up for that.
The Mascot! He's an adorable white fox-thing with a beautiful tail and little gold rings around his ears. He's invisible to ordinary humans and can communicate through telepathy.
Magical girl background: Magical girls make a contract with Kuybei to risk their lives to fight evil witches in exchange for any wish granted.
This appears to be a much darker anime in that there are deaths, the background is dark and bleak, and the battle scenes in which the evil witches appear is a dark and almost psychadelic experience with macabre shadows, twisted carousels, and almost cgi like creepiness. There is no humor and an amazing void of cuteness besides Kuybei. The other magical girls or Puella Magi are self-centered and competitive.


Koreha Zombie Desuka, Mahou Madoka, Yumekui Merry (More 2011 Winter Anime)
Koreha Zombie Desuka?
Origin: Light novels which spawned 3 versions of manga and an anime...
Genre: Mahou Shoujo, comedy, harem (*sigh*)
Studio: Studio Deen
Episodes: ?
Subtitle: Episode #1 -HorribleSubs
Summary: A boy is killed, then resurrected as a zombie (?!) and joins a team of girls...and becomes a mahou shoujo...?

Preview: This sounds...odd. Zombies & magical girls? Unfortunately it also appears to be a harem and I hate those...*sigh*
Review: This starts out with a high school boy leaving school for the day and spotting a kitten about to get hit by a truck. He saves it and gets hit by the truck and just then remembers...he's a zombie. As he flies through the air and loses his clothes, it's clear that this is a comedy...
He lives with the mute necromancer who saved him after he was killed by a serial killer. Hanging out in the graveyard, he runs into a magical girl with a pink...chainsaw, chasing a demon-creature for a school assignment... After the demon creature kills him, she tries to erase his memory and ends up erasing her clothes and losing her powers...She also moves in until she can figure out why her powers are gone...The boy ends up with her powers and must transform to battle a giant perverted crayfish...?
Okay -nothing too pervy yet, but there's humor (not the funny kind yet) and a parody magical girl...with a pink chainsaw. There is also comedic  gore. The previews promise a ninja girl and another girl eventually and it's mildly interesting, if not entertaining. It is also clearly NOT a magical girl show...although the boy does transform into a magical...boy...

Yumekui Merry aka Dream Eater Merry
Origin: Manga
Genre: ?
Studio: JC
Airing: Jan 6 2011
Episodes: 12?
Subtitle group:
Summary: ?

Review: This isn't a magical show, but only because Merry doesn't transform...therefore I would like to make it an "honorary mahou shoujo anime"
Merry NIghtmare is from the World of Dreams, somehow having ended up in "Reality". She has the power to send back the nightmares who try to break through the gate and possess people with dreams. Here's how it works. A nightmare finds a human with a weakness -isn't popular with boys, is shy, has no friends- and exploits it then possesses them, taking over their body. Merry finds them through Yumeji - a guy who can see dream auras -and defeats them. All she needs is a wand because she comes in the cute costume.

New Majou Shoujo -Time Paladin Sakura! (Winter 2011)

Official Website

Origin: Da Capo spin-off
Type: OVA
Airing: Jan 27, 2011 - Feb 24, 2011
Creator: Circus
Subtitled: ?
Plot: (summary) - Sakura Yoshino is a third grade girl who is secretly a magical girl...

PREVIEW: This looks really cute! Too bad it's only an OVA, but maybe a full series will follow...? There is a KITTY!
Updates when picked up and finished by a sub-group or a full plot is available!


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