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Mahou Shoujo Madoka : A new kind of magical girl anime
iceminx wrote in mahoushoujo_com
Genre: Mahou Shoujo, Supernatural

Madoka looks like every other magical girl show at first glance, and I didn't have high hopes for this one, but it's different and it's definitely not for kids...
The art style of the girls is a lot less cutesy and clean -Madoka is actually kind of uneven looking. Fortunately, the mascot fox-thing Kuybei more than makes up for that.
The Mascot! He's an adorable white fox-thing with a beautiful tail and little gold rings around his ears. He's invisible to ordinary humans and can communicate through telepathy.
Magical girl background: Magical girls make a contract with Kuybei to risk their lives to fight evil witches in exchange for any wish granted.
This appears to be a much darker anime in that there are deaths, the background is dark and bleak, and the battle scenes in which the evil witches appear is a dark and almost psychadelic experience with macabre shadows, twisted carousels, and almost cgi like creepiness. There is no humor and an amazing void of cuteness besides Kuybei. The other magical girls or Puella Magi are self-centered and competitive.



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