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Suite Precure...damn it!...i like it...
iceminx wrote in mahoushoujo_com
Suite Precure Analysis...Dammit I like it!!
Dammit! I like it! I really wasn't expecting that because I can't relate to either of the girls...:(
Here's the summary. There are 2 girls, Hibiki and Kanade.
Hibiki is the loud, energetic, sporty girl -but she doesn't fit the usual stereo-type because she has long hair and...pretty bows in her hair??
Kanade is the polite, studious one who has baking skills.
Neither girl is clumsy, ditzy, or prone to being late like the typical magical girl leader, so it's safe to say that these girls won't be running to school late or getting hit in the head with any volleyballs. *sigh*
The good:
*The mascot this time is a KITTY named Hummy instead of a generic fairy creature and she's kind of dumb, but adorable!
*There is a villain mascot as well - Siren - who can transform into a human. Very excited about this one and hoping for merchandise...
*The transformations are VERY Sailor Moon and pretty
*Kanade and Hibiki don't become Cures in the usual cheesy over-the-top way. It fits.

The bad:
*The main villain is a humorous clown character who I find very annoying. He has singing minions because this season has a music theme. Also annoying.
*The Cure costumes have waay too much ruffles...and another blonde Cure? *sigh* bland

Here are screenshots to illustrate said points...
They are the ones named Sailor...Cure?


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